Put your smile in the spotlight with our signature 微笑很 treatment package. Smooth away smile lines (“nasolabial folds”) and hydrate your skin with the help of JUVEDERM® injections at our Newport Beach and 电晕,, 地中海温泉. It’s the perfect complement to lip augmentation with filler, and it comes with a few extra perks to make your experience that much more beautiful.

  • 1针JUVEDERM®帮助平复微笑纹
  • 旅行大小bet9app更新药物HA5
  • 山金车药片
  • 赚取$20 ALLĒ奖励使用在您的下一次约会 

What Is Included in the JUVÉDERM 微笑很 Injections Package at Our Corona and Newport Beach Med Spas?

Here’s what you get when you visit California Cosmetic to erase your smile lines with 皮下注射:

• 1 mL syringe of JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® XC or JUVÉDERM Ultra XC: Add volume beneath your smile lines to smooth them away. These hyaluronic acid gels are our go-to fillers for lip injections, 皱纹的治疗方法, 以及两者之间的一切.

•旅行版SkinMedica®HA5: Hydrate your skin and enhance your results with this topical hyaluronic acid skin treatment.

• 山金车平板电脑: Recover from your injections even faster with this herbal supplement.


Meet Our Highly Trained Orange County Aesthetic Injectors

在bet9app更新, you’re supported by a team of experienced aesthetics pros dedicated to being the best JUVÉDERM injectors in Newport Beach and Corona. Each of our injectors (all RNs or MDs) completes a specialized 4-month injection training program on top of their existing medical education. 这种方式, you get results you’re obsessed with and you know you’re in safe, 每一步都是熟练的手. 


Your experience starts the moment you step into our Riverside County or Orange County med spa, 结果是你梦寐以求的. You’re worthy of a top-shelf, luxury filler experience, and we’re here to deliver.

1. 咨询

You’ll meet one-on-one with one of our experienced injectors to design your look and plan your perfect treatment.

2. 的准备

不要担心不适,bet9app更新会照顾你的. With the help of topical anesthetics and injectable numbing agents, you’ll be totally numb before we think about coming near you with a syringe.

2. 治疗

Your injector meticulously places JUVÉDERM into your smile lines with a series of quick injections. 这通常只需要几分钟.

4. 经济复苏

You’re free to return to your usual routine right away, although it’s normal to have some swelling and mild bruising for about a week.

5. 结果

JUVÉDERM smile line fillers last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, 这样你就能笑上整整一年了. We recommend stopping in every few months to touch up your results.


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Q: How Much Does Lip or Smile Line Filler Cost in Orange County?

A: Our smile line package starts at $799 and includes a 1 mL syringe of JUVÉDERM VOLLURE or Ultra, 这通常足以消除笑纹. If you’re looking to complete your look with lip augmentation, we highly recommend our signature 诱人的嘴唇 lip injections package, which starts at $899 and includes lots of extras to take your look to that next level.


是的! In fact, it’s more than safe—sometimes, it’s the secret to getting incredible results. Our clients love combining filler treatments with BOTOX at our Newport Beach and Corona 地中海温泉. 它放松皱纹, 减轻体重的下巴, 电梯的额头, 还有更多, 给你华丽的轮廓和光滑, 年轻的bet9app更新. Plus, BOTOX and fillers are both injectables, so you can do it all with little to no downtime.


Ready to smooth away your smile lines and smile prettier than ever? 给bet9app更新打电话或发短信(855)977-1982. Did you know you can meet with an injector to talk about your treatment without leaving home? 看看bet9app更新 虚拟咨询.




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