语气 和加强 那些 curves without surgery, workouts, or d自己的time. bet9app更新的 最喜欢的 Body Contouring package combines 非手术 fat reduction with CoolSculpting®  truSculpt®flex 对肌肉的雕刻 at our 纽波特比奇 和 电晕,, med spas. T嗯,大腿,或者屁股: T他的bet9app更新 s 你的结果 那 你的 自己的 减肥和 训练不能实现. 结果逐渐发展, so 你越早 安排你的治疗, 很快呃,你会 头.

How Much Does Body Contouring With truSculpt flex 和 CoolSculpting Cost in Corona & 纽波特比奇?

We customize our Body Contouring packages to 你的 unique needs 和 goals. You can choose from the following options: 

  • 4 truSculpt flex treatments for 4 areas: $4,800 (a savings of $400) 
  • 6 truSculpt flex treatments for 4 areas: $6,600 (a savings of $1,200) 

Plus--either option includes 10% off CoolSculpting! As part of 你的 initial consultation, one of our CoolSculpting experts will create a personalized treatment plan 那 estimates the number of sessions you will need for each treatment. 

What Are the Benefits of Doing CoolSculpting 和 truSculpt flex? 

bet9app更新的 most popular body contouring treatments are even better together. 下面是它的工作原理: 

  1. We lay the foundation for 你的 new curves with CoolSculpting. Those stubborn areas of fat need to go before you get to toning 和加强ing. 在治疗期间, you just lie back 和 relax while precisely controlled cooling does away with fat cells just beneath the skin. Within about an hour, you’re done 和 free to get back to 你的 day. 大约一个月后, you’ll begin to notice slimming in treated areas--和 you’ll keep seeing improvement for up to 3 months as 你的 body flushes away dead fat cells. 
  2. 接下来是一系列 truSculpt flex treatments to build, firm, 和 tone the abs, glutes, or thighs. We adapt each treatment session to 你的 current fitness level, 形状, 和 ultimate goals to help you gain the results you want right where you want them. We perform these innovative treatments by placing the applicators directly over the targeted areas. Through electrical muscle stimulation, truSculpt flex创建更深, more rapid contractions than possible with physical activity. Most clients begin to see better muscle tone 和 definition after the 2nd session 和 reach maximum improvement about 8 to 12 weeks after their last session. It usually takes a total of 4 to 6 sessions for desired results. 

Your Body Contouring Experience: What to Expect

享受bet9app更新的放松, world-class Orange County med spa while our body contouring specialists 和 advanced technology do all the work. 

1. 咨询 

You will be welcomed by one of our body contouring specialists to plan 你的 treatment. We will determine the number of CoolSculpting treatments you will need 和 plan them out to 给 you the best results. The next step in planning is deciding whether it will take 4 or 6 truSculpt flex treatments to sculpt 你的 4 areas. We will schedule these treatments once CoolSculpting has worked its magic. 

2. 的准备 

Make sure you’re well hydrated before either treatment; hydration helps 你的 body’s natural processes work efficiently. Make sure 你的 body is free from lotion, perfume, 和 other substances when you come in. 把你的首饰留在家里.  

3. 治疗 

No anesthetic is needed for CoolSculpting or truSculpt flex. You will comfortably recline while the applicators are put in place 和 activated.  

4. 经济复苏 

There is no recovery period 和 no restrictions on activity after CoolSculpting or truSculpt flex. Minor redness 和 swelling are normal for the first few days. 感到疼痛, like you’ve had a good workout, for a day or two after 你的 truSculpt flex treatments. 

5. 结果 

Good things come to 那些 who wait. Results from CoolSculpting 和 truSculpt flex emerge gradually as the body’s natural processes do their work. Fat reduction takes about 1 to 3 months. Most clients start to see firming 和 toning after their 2nd truSculpt flex treatment 和 reach their peak results 8 to 12 weeks after their last treatment.